Eurobricks Frontpage – portal to EB, for more LEGO themes than just Star Wars
EB’s Star Wars Forum – our forum
EB Star Wars Forum flickr group – our group on flickr
Imperium der Steine – a forum for German fans of LEGO Star Wars
Hoth Bricks – French LEGO Star Wars blog
FBTB – From Bricks To Bothans, a forum primarily for Star Wars but also for all other licensed LEGO themes
LEGO Shop@Home – help support our forum when you buy from LEGO Shop@Home through this link
Bricklink – buy new and used sets, minifigs, parts, instructions, and more from other fans of LEGO
Brickset – database of LEGO sets
MOCpages – dedicated LEGO image host and community
Jedi News – Star Wars news site that often has information about LEGO releases – official Star Wars website
Wookieepedia – the online Star Wars encyclopedia


Q: Is Eurobricks only for European fans of LEGO?
A: No, fans from other parts of the world are welcome to join! Eurobricks began as a site for Europeans, but nowadays we’re a global site.

Q: Can I join EB even though I’m not an AFOL (18 or older)?
A: As stated in the Member Guidelines: “Eurobricks is a site intended for an adult audience, which for the purpose of these guidelines are people of around the age of 18 or greater. We reserve the right to ban anyone who does not meet that requirement. Posting that you are not an adult is a quick way to be banned. If you choose to ignore these guidelines and sign up anyway, it is not our responsibility if you are offended by what you read or see. Similarly, if you are an adult who is offended by what is often labeled as adult content, you should probably avoid this site.”

Q: How can I get blogged?
A: We actively browse a variety of sites for MOCs worthy of being blogged, new reviews, and LEGO and Star Wars news. The best way to ensure we notice your MOC or review so we can consider it for the blog is to post it on EB. But if you’re not a member and don’t want to join, you can join our flickr group and add your photos there. Otherwise, we try to cover the Star Wars categories on MOCpages, the recent pictures posted on Brickshelf, the Star Wars categories on ReBrick, and photos tagged with ‘LEGO Star Wars’ on flickr. (But no guarantees that we’ll see your photo if it’s not in our forum or flickr group.)

Q: How do you choose the Showcased MOCs?
A: The Showcased MOCs are chosen from among all the MOCs posted on EB in the Star Wars forum during the time since the last Showcased MOCs were chosen. The MOC must be posted on EB, and it must be posted there by the original builder; ‘finds’ from other sites are not eligible. So, if you want your MOC to be considered for selection as a Showcased MOC, you need to join EB and post your MOC there.

Q: How can I become one of the Rebel Bloggers?
A: In the past we’ve invited EB members to be bloggers and we’ve also allowed EB members to apply for a position. We’ll let you know on the blog when we’re accepting applications.

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