Rebel Blogger: Piranha

Piranha has been a fan of LEGO for a very long time. He started collecting Star Wars sets in the year LEGO obtained the license (1999), in addition to many other themes. His username originates with his like of all underwater LEGO based themes like Aquanauts, Aquazone & Divers. Fittingly his first Star Wars set was 7161 Gungan Sub. Today he also enjoys to collect City, Trains, Castle and Superheroes.

Piranha first discovered the online LEGO community in 2004 on Lugnet. He enjoyed browsing the database for past sets and reading the discussion topics for LEGO news. In 2006 he discovered Bricklink via a link on Lugnet and was extremely pleased to find that a large amount of sets, parts and minifigs could be purchased there. In 2007 while reading the Bricklink forum for news on new Star Wars sets he found a link for Eurobricks. After browsing for a short time he decided to join this unique LEGO site for the great selection of news and discussion on his favorite themes.

Today he now serves as one of the EB Star Wars Forum Regulators as well as being a Rebel Blogger. He plans to one day finally finish the Reviewers Academy and graduate as a teacher and continue producing great reviews.