Rebel Blogger: Oky

Oky has been building with Lego as long as he can remember. The first recorded evidence of this is a home video of him playing with Duplo when he was 2 years old. He has been amassing his collection ever since and never really had a dark age. Oky discovered his true calling as a digital artist when he made some brickfilms using the Vision Command camera when he was 12 and enjoyed it greatly.

Like many members, Oky stumbled across EB while looking for Lego Star Wars news online and lurked around the site for a while. In October of ’07, he became a member under the name Oky Wan Kenobi in order to participate in a contest, and sure enough, he won a prize in it. He would go on to take part in many more contests and win in a fair number of them. He loves a good challenge.

Oky also loves to entertain people. He is known for his numerous single pane funnies which satire Lego and pop culture. He never seems to run out of ideas for them.

Oky also reviews episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He started out co-writing def’s reviews of them on EB, then continued the tradition with his fellow rebel bloggers on the EB Star Wars Forum Blog. He had the privilege to be one of the first to get asked to become a contributor on that blog and has been regularly contributing to it ever since.

When he’s not building or reviewing something, Oky is engaging in discussions on EB, watching cartoons, playing videogames, working, or simply enjoying life. He is a huge fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Avatar the Last Airbender, Disney/Pixar, Superheroes, and many other nerdy things.

Oky strives to deliver the highest quality in everything he does, to make people laugh, to educate them, and to have fun doing it.