Rebel Blogger: Brickdoctor

Brickdoctor has been a Fan of LEGO for as long as he can remember, not including something of a ‘Dim Age’ where he sort of played with LEGO, but mostly invested time in other activities. He first found the LEGO online community in 2006, and after a slightly longer than normal period of lurking around a variety of sites, he joined MOCpages in December of 2008. Brickdoctor had fun on MOCpages for a while, but he finally (inevitably?) became tired of the general behavior of the MOCpages community, and joined flickr, FBTB, and Eurobricks in early June of 2010. Since then, he’s become a regular in the Star Wars forum, and has played some of the mafia and role-playing games EB offers.

‘Doc’ has been a Star Wars Original Trilogy fan for a long time, though back when he first joined MOCpages he thought Clone Wars was going to be the next great thing, and collected a lot of the Clone Wars sets from ’08-’09. (a decision he still regrets to this day) Brickdoctor likes MOCing. He doesn’t really like keeping his sets together. Even among MOCers, though, he’s different. His approach to Star Wars MOCing consists of studying pictures of studio models (models created by ILM for the movies) for hours. When he gets around to building, he likes models that use lots of unorthodox connections, with an emphasis on using studs only as shapes and details and going studless wherever possible.

In case you haven’t guessed, Brickdoctor is a huge Star Wars fan. But in addition to that, he’s also a big fan of older Castle themes and Collectible Minifigs, and he enjoys viewing large pirate ship MOCs. He’s also interested in Trains and eventually creating a Town/Trains layout.

In addition to being a Rebel Blogger, Doc has been busy on EB as a Reviewers Academy Teacher since August 2011, has been helping as a Star Wars Regulator since May 2012, and has now joined the full-fledged staff as a Star Wars Moderator.