This Year’s May the Fourth Promotional Figure: First Order Stormtrooper

Discuss the First Order Stormtrooper polybag in the 2016 Pictures and Rumors thread, on Eurobricks


Quite a few rumors were circulating about what would be the polybag you get this year for the May the Fourth celebration. Turns out all of them were false, because the store calendar for May just popped up and revealed a completely new polybag that will be offered this year. It’s called 30602 First Order Stormtrooper, and contains a minifigure that looks incredibly similar to one in the First Order battle pack, but with a slightly updated torso and a backpack this time. It seems a bit like a waste of an unedited character (like Darth Revan was in the past), especially when the equivalent comes in such a cheap set. But still, it’s a nice bonus to get. So delay all of your LEGO Star Wars purchases until the period of April 30 to March 4, as you’ll get this polybag for free with a purchase of $50 or more on those products. You’ll get double VIP points and a The Force Awakens poster to boot. In the meantime, you can discuss the polybag in our news thread.

Another Infiltrated Picture

75096 Sith Inifiltrator, in the 2015 Pictures and Rumors topic, on Eurobricks


A yes, the summer’s almost here (sorry if you’re on the southern hemisphere…). Apart from nice weather and holidays, it means new LEGO sets! As of June 1st, the five sets we knew off (excluding the Advent Calendar) are available in stores and online. But we know only a little about the other sets. A single blurry picture of a The Force Awakens set appeared this week, but apart from some names and prices, we don’t have a clue. And only yesterday we could have a look at the 75096 Sith Infiltrator pictured above. This will likely be an exclusive set, with 660 pieces and a rumored price of 99.99 EUR. It’s a completely different approach than the 2011 version, and I quite like the result. The shaping is really smooth and smart, and while the wing section looks like it’s a direct copy of the TIE Advanced prototype, that only helps you to identify the ship’s heritage. Anakin and Watto seem to unchanged from 2011, Darth Maul looks even better with new printing, and Qui Gon’s poncho is a nice addition. Other nice inclusions such as the speeder, the probe droids and the perfectly integrated spring missiles will probably make this a set with wide appeal. See what others have to say about it, and share your thoughts in the Pictures and Rumors topic.

[75095] UCS TIE Fighter revealed!

 UCS TIE Fighter, on Eurobricks


After several months of rumours, we’ve finally got the first official images of the new UCS set, a TIE Fighter!  It will be available in May, and I’m sure that it will be a ‘First day’ purchase for many fans.  Initial impressions are that it’s clearly quite a sizable model; it measures 18.5” (47cm) high, 12” (30.6cm) long and 12.2” (31cm) wide, and follows the recent trend of mid-range price points (US $199.99, CA $229.99, DE 199.99€, UK £169.99 & DK 1799.00 DKK).  It comprises 1,685 parts and uses an interesting technique to create the main sphere.  The box artwork is superb, and is on a par with the UCS Slave 1, which recently set a new standard for Star Wars sets.  Overall, I’m quite impressed with it, but the display stand looks a little less refined than usual, and the use of blue connector pins doesn’t help!  Head over to the Star Wars forum and join in the discussion.

Parade of the Polybags

2015 AT-DP Polybag 2015 TIE Advanced Polybag 2015 A-wing Polybag


The LEGO winter 2015 sets are in the stores. Yet, there are some extra small sets coming throughout the year. These polybags are usually promotional items that you get if you spend a certain sum on Star Wars sets in an official LEGO Store or at Shop@Home, and usually they can be bought in regular toy stores as well. You can already get the first one, 30274 AT-DP, right now with the purchase of a Star Wars set. It’s still unclear at what occasion the 30275 TIE Advanced Prototype and the 30272 A-wing will be available. Anyway, it’s very nice to see these smaller brothers of the regular sets.

The polybag below will probably be the promotional item for the May the 4th actions. If you don’t recognize him, don’t worry. Admiral Yularen appeared only very briefly in the council scene in A New Hope. He also featured in The Clone Wars, but obviously he was much younger then. Still, he’s a nice figure, and I’m confident the Imperial Security Bureau uniform will be highly welcomed by all collectors and MOCcers. Discuss all the 2015 news and rumors in the according topic.

2015 Admiral Yularen polybag

LEGO S@H Promo for the Clone Lieutenant Minifig starts in September

Brickset has reported that the LEGO Shop at Home promo for September 1st – October 31st will be a Star Wars Clone Trooper Lieutenant Minifig with a LEGO Star Wars purchase of $50 or more. This particular minifig was previously only handed out at LEGOLAND California in June.  You can discuss this new promo offer in the 2014 SW sets topic on Eurobricks.  Full credit for the image and report goes to

Shadow ARF Promo on LEGO Shop at Home

Did you miss out on last years “May the Fourth be with you” promotion? Well, now Brickset has reported that LEGO is offering that same Shadow ARF Minifig Polybag with a purchase of $99 or more of LEGO Star Wars products. The offer is valid with a promotional code only from March 15 – March 31, 2012 or while supplies last. The promotional code is needed at checkout, which is FRA1 in the USA and FRA2 in Canada.  You can visit LEGO Shop at Home to redeem yours today!

More Shop@Home Promotions

In addition to the free shipping over $75 and 50 bonus VIP points we mentioned yesterday, it appears Shop@Home has a few Star Wars promotions going on as well.

The first is a pairing of the new 7961 Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator and 7957 Sith Nightspeeder in the aptly named (but with an unwieldy number) 5000066 LEGO Star Wars Sith Kit.  You got 2x VIP points with this set; however, it is currently listed with a 30 day backorder while the sets separately are available for immediate purchase.  It also seems to only be available in the US.

The other promotion is a free gift with the purchase of 10198 Tantive IV, 10188 Death Star, 10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT, and 10215 Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter.  The Tantive, Death Star, and Dropship each come with a different magnet set, while the Starfighter comes with a C-3PO key chain.  The free gift will be appear when you add one of these sets to your cart.  Of course, magnet sets are most likely to be glued these days, but free stuff is free stuff.  I believe this promotion applies to most countries, but check your own Shop@Home to make sure.

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