The Original 12

The Original 12 Figures, by Robianco, on Flickr

Many moons ago when I was just a youngster desperate to head off to the Imperial Academy, I had to make do with spending day after day playing with my Star Wars figures. And not a minute of that time do I consider wasted. For years I hounded my parents wherever we went to pick up Star Wars figures and help my complete my collection. I remember David Prowse visiting Lewis’s department store in Liverpool and the clamour for Vader figs to get them signed. I remember getting Boba Fett at TJ Hughes and I still recall very clearly finally finding Bespin Fatigues Luke Skywalker at a small store that sold occasional toys just up the road from there.

In the beginning of this figure fixation was the original 12. These probably came out a year or two before I started collecting them but they still hold so many fond memories of so much of my childhood. Since getting back into Lego, I’ve always wanted to complete the Kenner figure lineup with their Lego counterparts and with the new Death Star a new slot was filled, so I decided to start getting some group shots to show the comparisons and where better than this photo? The noticeable figure here is the Death Squad Commander which has been created from a mix of a couple of figures to give me something close to that original design.

With figures such as Ithorian Jedi we’re able to create characters such as Hammerhead (Momaw Nadon) as well as the protocol droid in the same set being a dead ringer for the Imperial Protocol Droid. Here’s hoping that in the next few years we’ll get to see things such as the Cloud Car Pilot or even, dare I say it a Blue Snaggletooth.

This R2 unit has a bad motivator!

R5-D4, by Miro78, on Eurobricks


It’s incredible to think that one small component can have such a critical impact on history, especially in the Star Wars universe.  Just think, if R5-D4 didn’t have a bad motivator, R2 wouldn’t have been able to deliver Princess Leia’s message to Obi-Wan, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru would have enjoyed their well-earned retirement together, and Luke would have continued to watch binary-sunsets for at least another season.  If only the Jawas had taken a little more care whilst re-conditioning their droids prior to re-sale, but that’s always easier to say with the benefit of hindsight!

Anyway, that brings me neatly onto this rather cute creation from Miro78; a R5-D4 which is based on the UCS R2-D2 (10225).  Whilst the original model is brilliantly designed, the dome is undoubtedly the weakest part, and looks a little ‘unfinished’ compared to the rest of it.  Miro78 has taken the best elements of 10225, updated the colours, and replaced the dome with a bespoke version.  Comparing it to images of the original film model, there are a couple of elements that aren’t totally accurate; the most obvious being the placement of the silver rivets close to the three eye sensors, but apart from that it’s very difficult to fault it.  Miro78 is currently making some improvements to it, and I’m looking forward to seeing the final version.

I Only Work in Black, and Sometimes Very Very Bright Orange

The new Star Wars is not any longer years or even months away, but just a couple of weeks! The slew of trailers succeeded in strengthening the hype even further, and we’re starting to see that reflected with loads of quality builds depicting each and every vehicle spotted in the previews. It already looks like the new X-wing, particularly in its striking color scheme, will be a MOC favorite, with builders tackling it in a variety of ways and scales.

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Rey’s Speeder, Speeder, SPEEDER!

Pimp my speeder, by Priovit70, on Flickr


Our colleagues at The Brothers Brick are organizing a contest. The objective is to take Rey’s speeder from the Force Awakens to the next level with paint, wings, cannons and – if possible – a nice place to store a shovel, a bucket and some sand molds for the kids. Every single entry is boggling my mind with its amashing creativity, but – I guess you expect I now say that Priovit70‘s creation above is among the best entries. Well, I won’t, because the lovely creation above isn’t an entry for the contest, it’s the inspiration for it.

So Priovit70 was the first to look at Rey’s ride and see the enormous potential for adding all kinds of bells and whistles to it. He immediately picked the details that make us all giddy. A blue base, greebly grey areas, extra fins, yellow lights, bumblebee stripes and that logo, and you know that classic space has entered the monitor. I love how the builder managed to couple the classic space aesthetic with the round shapes of the speeder by making sure there are some harder edges and slopes present. And that look of the back throws you back to the old days when Star Wars ships weren’t that polished and had exposed tubes all over the place. Creating something new but having it evoke the pleasures of the past, that really get’s me excited to see what the future brings, especially if it brings more of Priovit70’s wonderful creations!

Heartlake City Pet Taxi Service

Hot on the heels of his Friends Landspeeder, Tyler Sky has created another, much bigger Friends/Star Wars mash-up, a minidoll-scale AT-AT. The twist: It’s a taxi for pets, complete with interior and working pet elevator! It’s not only a creative and humorous idea, but well executed as well, from the friendly color scheme and taxi paint job down to the little details such as the signs, lights, and flowers.

I failed to mention this in my previous blog post, but this and the Landspeeder are not the only Friends mash-ups he has built. He also made an AT-RT, TIE Advanced, and a podracer. You can see them all here.

Star Friends

Creating mash-ups of two of LEGO’s most popular themes is a common thing to do, but they don’t always turn out well. However, this Lego Friends themed Landspeeder by Tyler Sky a.k.a. Bricksky is not one of those cases. His use of pink and light blue is fairly tasteful, and I could actually see it existing as a custom painted landspeeder in the Star Wars universe. The large engines make it look slightly “chibi” which adds to the cute feel of it, and using pets instead of the droids was a clever choice. You can see more pictures here.

Another impressive Star Wars / Friends mash-up comes from Veynom who converted the Ewok Village into a Club Med all-inclusive vacation resort. A very unusual mod for this set, but very creative and gorgeous looking. There are many details to discover, so check them out here. May the Friends be with you.

Blacktron TIE Fighter

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, an evil empire is on the rise. Conquering one world after another, it is threatening to take over the entire galaxy. Those who oppose the New Order are quickly silenced and punished. Comprised of an army of dedicated, ruthless men and a massive armada of powerful spacecrafts, there is nothing that can stand in their way. Those who dare speak its name call this empire… Blacktron!

This interesting mash-up mod was created by Bricks Of Awesome and combines a 9492 TIE Fighter with the color scheme of Blacktron I… at least halfway. I think the colors compliment the vessel quite well and the way he only modified one half of it makes it look like the Blacktron side is slowly corrupting the Fighter. You can see more pictures in his Flickr photostream.

Modified 10144 Sandcrawler

 Modified Sandcrawler, by makaio, on flickr

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about VanTim’s modified AT-TE, and I’ve just found this heavily modified 10144 Sandcrawler by makaio on flickr. Although the original 10144 was a nice set, it wasn’t the most movie-accurate of models, and was basically a large brown box with an angled front!  The most noticeable improvements are a completely re-designed front and rear section, which have created a more accurate shape.  Makaio has also added some nice details, including a re-designed exhaust system.  My only suggestion to improve it further would be to add a few small areas of white and grey, to emulate the weathered look of the original.

Motorised AT-TE!

 Motorised AT-TE, by VanTim, on Eurobricks

I’ve always had a soft spot for my 10178 AT-AT, not only because it brought me out of my dark ages, but it’s one of the few SW sets that does something!  I’ll concede that it’s not the most accurate version of the AT-AT, but it really walks, albeit in a laboured manner!

Anyway, new EB member VanTim has managed to motorise the new AT-TE (75019), and the result is highly impressive.  There’s obviously a lot of hidden modifications, but he’s managed to retain the majority of the exterior shell.  The post also includes a video to show it in action; although I was starting to feel sorry for the battle droid towards the end of it!  Head over to the SW forum and see why.

The Dark (Pink) Side

Lady Vader and her Femtroopers, by M<0><0<DSWIM, on EB

It’s fair to say that EB’s ‘M<0><0<DSWIM‘ has a unique building style and this extends to the choice of subjects.  His latest creation follows this trend, and I can honestly say that I haven’t seen anything like this before!!

It’s certainly very well designed and well up to his usual standard.  I’m not too what else I can say, so I’ll let the photos do the talking; although being objective I don’t think that the armour would be 100% effective in combat!