Bricklinking the Yoda Chronicles Times Square-edition Set

EB Fellow and army builder mutley777 has Bricklinked a reverse-engineered model of the Yoda Chronicles Times Square-edition set. Only one part is not available right now, and it’s a torso that’ll be coming out in the newest Republic Gunship set, so if you want to build this exclusive model, it’s definitely possible. Also available in the thread are an LDD model by jamie75 and an LDD model and a parts list by vean, to make building the model even easier.

Slave I Anyone?

Slave I
Remember that Celebration V exclusive Slave I? Well Huw over on Brickset has found a member with a scan of the instructions, I really think the model is, while simple, also quite nice looking. It has a great Chibi-sense to it, definitely one of LEGO’s whimsical approaches to a ship. Click the picture to head over to the Brickset Article to download the file.

Going Beyond Predetermined Creativity of the SW Brickmaster Book

There exist a number of noteworthy builders in the category of Star Wars MINIs, such as obijon, roguebantha, TsoAutTmo, and last but not least, the famous Chris Deck, better known as Legostein.

I’m sure many of us remember the Star Wars Brickmaster kit, a motley of nonsensical models reminiscent of those seen in battle packs. The quality of the builds were understandable given the useful parts included in the kit, something that Legostein demonstrates today with two new alternate models, a MINI Munificent-class star frigate and Venator-class Star Destroyer approximately to scale with each other.

Clone Flakes

The Holidays are coming near, and with them the cold weather. So, it’s the perfect time to stay indoors and get creative! For those who currently don’t have any Lego bricks available, here’s an idea for what you can do with a simple piece of paper: Star Wars themed snowflakes! Click one of the pictures for instructions!