UCS Slave 1 – Official video!

Thanks to EB member just2good, we’ve already seen some high-resolution photos of the new UCS Slave 1 (75060), but you can now view it in even greater detail following the release of the official LEGO video!  After watching it a couple of times, I’m very impressed with the set and I’m sure that it will be an instant purchase for most OT fans.  It’s slightly larger than I’d imagined, but it’s minifigure-scaled so it will fit well with the UCS Falcon (10179) and Imperial Shuttle (10212).  The designer has replicated the ‘weathered’ look of the original model very well, by using a mixture of greys and greens, and it’s good to see a limited amount of stickers.  The set includes a detachable stand, which allows it to be displayed in a classic flight position.  My only criticism is that the underside looks slightly less detailed than the original, but overall it looks like a great set.

Take a look at the video and then join in the discussion in the Star Wars forum.

UCS Sandcrawler Revealed

Member Brickmamba found this picture of the upcoming UCS Sandcrawler which seems to be taken from the new Visual Dictionary. It includes Uncle Owen and three Jawas.

There is also a new-looking Millenium Falcon that has been spotted in a trailer for the upcoming episodes of the Yoda Chronicles: Quest for the Holocrons. Could it be another upcoming UCS set? Discuss it all in our Rumors thread!

Coolest Store Display Ever?

There are some holographic augmented reality store displays that have been spotted in Denmark and Germany. They feature Lego Star Wars sets in a glass box with animations being projected on top of them to make the sets come to life! How cool is that! Let’s hope these will come to toy stores all over the world!

AT-AT / Echo Base Commercials

Hoth-diggity-dog! Check out the latest additions to our Official LEGO Star Wars TV Commercials Index: two commercials for last year’s Hoth-themed Toys’R’Us exclusives! They’re pretty neat, but why Luke has a green lightsaber on Hoth, it doesn’t say. Quite an obvious mistake, but then again, what do you expect from a toy store that can’t even write the “R” in their logo the right way?
Thanks to Gunner for sharing these!