[SoNE Ep XV] Operation Eclipse

Episode XV: Operation Eclipse, on Eurobricks


It is treason then! The Black Sun’s sneaky manipulation of both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance has been known for a while. After careful planning, now is the time to launch an all-out attack on the spider in the middle of the galaxy-spanning criminal web: prince Xizor. Both Imperials and Rebels set out to destroy the prince’s palace on the surface of Coruscant and his Skyhook floating high above it, killing the Falleen and saving princess Leia in the process. It will be a chaotic but tactical battle unfolding in palace corridors, hidden sewers and the fringe of space.

That’s the story of the fifteenth episode of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka, the building rpg we have going on in the Star Wars forum here. Players can submit builds with an accompanying story depicting them fulfilling their goals to destroy the Black Sun once and for all. Only this time, Rebels and Imperials won’t be fighting each other as much as they will be fighting their common enemy. And that common enemy will be played by, well… you! If you’ve been looking at SoNE from a distance and want to try out first before you want to commit, this is the perfect opportunity to do a one time build showing off your building skills in portraying a frenzy of a fight as a member of the criminal Black Sun organization. This is your chance to try out something new, to meet some new people and to enjoy the fun and constructive SoNE environment we’ve got going on. We don’t require any particular level of skill but just a healthy dose of enthusiasm. If you feel this might be something for you, visit the episode topic for more information and for a place to ask any question you’d like. And if you feel ready for a more permanent participation in the SoNE adventure, head over here. See you on the other side, in a different galaxy!

The Original 12

The Original 12 Figures, by Robianco, on Flickr

Many moons ago when I was just a youngster desperate to head off to the Imperial Academy, I had to make do with spending day after day playing with my Star Wars figures. And not a minute of that time do I consider wasted. For years I hounded my parents wherever we went to pick up Star Wars figures and help my complete my collection. I remember David Prowse visiting Lewis’s department store in Liverpool and the clamour for Vader figs to get them signed. I remember getting Boba Fett at TJ Hughes and I still recall very clearly finally finding Bespin Fatigues Luke Skywalker at a small store that sold occasional toys just up the road from there.

In the beginning of this figure fixation was the original 12. These probably came out a year or two before I started collecting them but they still hold so many fond memories of so much of my childhood. Since getting back into Lego, I’ve always wanted to complete the Kenner figure lineup with their Lego counterparts and with the new Death Star a new slot was filled, so I decided to start getting some group shots to show the comparisons and where better than this photo? The noticeable figure here is the Death Squad Commander which has been created from a mix of a couple of figures to give me something close to that original design.

With figures such as Ithorian Jedi we’re able to create characters such as Hammerhead (Momaw Nadon) as well as the protocol droid in the same set being a dead ringer for the Imperial Protocol Droid. Here’s hoping that in the next few years we’ll get to see things such as the Cloud Car Pilot or even, dare I say it a Blue Snaggletooth.

[SoNE Ep XIII] Setting of the Black Sun

SoNE Ep. XIII - Setting of the Black Sun, on Eurobricks


With the treason of Prince Xizor uncovered, both Rebels and Imperials take immediate action to remove all Black Sun agents from their ranks… quietly. With princess Leia as “guest” in Xizor’s palace and Xizor having personal information about Vader, both factions have to go about things stealthily before they unleash the full attack. That’s the premise of the latest episode of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka. As usual, builders from both teams will give the best they have the following month to come up with an entry with a fantastic build and story to fulfill the objective of eradicating the Black Sun. You can be a part of this fun community project! You have until December 1st to sign up, get to know the wonderful people on your team (and also the wonderful people that made the wrong choice and are on the other team), pick one of the assigned planets, build an impressive entry, write a compelling backstory and enjoy the constructive feedback and spirit of collaboration and friendship you’ll get in return. So get ready to claim your spot in the Star Wars universe among a band of brothers and learn something along the way. You can sign up here and read more about the current episode – our thirteenth already – here.

[75098] Assault on Hoth – UCS?

75098 Assault on Hoth, on Eurobricks


In the last few years, there’s been considerable debate amongst AFOLs regarding ‘UCS’ and the specific sets that should be classified as such.  It’s an interesting question and I’ve seen a broad spectrum of opinions, but in my view they should have an instant ‘I want it, and I’m ignoring the cost’ sort of appeal!  The recent additions have continued to raise the bar in terms of quality; the X-Wing, Sandcrawler, Slave 1 and TIE Fighter are all excellent and received almost universal praise from the community.  That may be one of the reasons why 75098 has received such a negative reaction; perhaps we were just expecting too much?

In my view it’s a shame that LEGO decided to classify it as ‘UCS’ and I’d be interested to see the reasoning behind it.  In some respects it’s a nice set; and I’m sure that lots of younger fans will enjoy playing with it.  But, putting aside the unjustifiably high price-point, I think that’s where it has failed most.  UCS sets should strive towards being the best design that can be achieved with the humble brick, and not compromised by pointless ‘play features’ and painfully obvious inaccuracies.  I get the feeling that the set was designed by a committee trying to please everyone, but they’ve ended up missing the intended market completely.  I consider myself as being typical of the demographic that previous UCS sets have been intended for; dedicated OT fans, in their 30-40s, with more money than sense!  However, I just can’t bring myself to order it, even with my love of all things Episode V.

If you’ve got any thoughts about the set, head over to the dedicated thread in the Star Wars forum.

[SoNE Ep X] Deep Space Deception

Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka episode X - Deep Space Deception, on Eurobricks


Having earned their trust, the Galactic Empire has found a new ally in the powerful Black Sun Crime syndicate. Together, emperor Palpatine and prince Xizor have come up with a plan to eradicate the Rebel Alliance once and for all. Via the Black Sun, the Rebels have found out about a freighter that carries a supercomputer with some very valuable plans on it. In order to make sure they take the bait, Imperial troops have been dispatched to put up a fight. And so begins a battle around and on board of the Suprosa freighter, a battle that will decide the fate of the galaxy…

In the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka‘s tenth (!) episode, Rebels and Imperials will form squads that will have to penetrate into the freighter, under the command of a higher ranked player. It promises to become a very tactical episode with lots of clever tricks, amazing entries, and powerful teamwork. The episode has only just started and will run until November 30th, so there’s plenty of time to jump in, make some friends, and learn a lot. Every soldier will count. Find out more about the episode here, and if you haven’t already, read about and subscribe to our role playing and building game here. And did I mention RoyalBrickCustoms will make sure the winners will receive an awesome prize? So come on, cadet!

You decide who wins this battle

Star Wars Battle Pack Contest voting, on Eurobricks


The Battle Pack contest is coming to an end. 59 entries entered the arena, and became each other’s foes, more fearsome than any of those three beasts. I haven’t been able to blog as many of the stunning entries as I would have liked, so be sure to have a look at the 27 best of them. You can vote for your favorite two creations here, and who knows, they might win a nice battle pack of their own. So visit the thread and drool at all of the marvelous entries, and be disappointed that you can’t buy these in stores… But don’t let that stop you!

A Marvelous Contest

Star Wars vs Marvel contest, on Eurobricks


So you’ve built a battle pack, are finishing your Expanded Universe entry, and are wondering what in the name of the Force you’ll be doing with your life afterwards? Or maybe you’re waiting for something completely new to build and are full of originality? Or maybe you’re not only a huge Star Wars fan, but have action figures sprinkled on your LEGO shelves? Well, then we have a challenge for you. Alongside the Expanded Universe competition, there’s a Star Wars vs Marvel building competition running in the forum, joining Disney’s biggest acquired franchises. The premise is simple: somehow the Marvel and Star Wars universe have collided. What now? Will Thor and the Emperor cross lightning beams? Will troops of Hydra agents flood the Senate? Or will Chewie and the Hulk be best buddies? And will Darth Vader enjoy hands-free chess with Magneto? Two universes are yours to control! You have 64×64 studs at your disposition to let your mind run free. So builders, assemble! in the topic in Watto’s Junkyard. And don’t freak out when you see strange but beautiful builds here in the next month…

[SoNE VIII] Honest Rebels, Wicked Imperials ?

[SoNE Ep VIII] Shaping the Odds - results, on Eurobricks


The Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka’s podrace has come to an end. Many racers participated, helped or… discouraged by one or both factions. In the end, LucasLaughing’s excellent ‘The Suns will come out tommorow’ came in first, only a few studs ahead of goatman461 and WickNole. The Empire had one participant more, but the Rebels had a higher average score. What really made the difference though, was the betting competition. Out of the 105 combinations, the Rebels guessed 47 correctly. Not bad, until you compare it to the whopping 87 correct guesses of the Empire. Maybe it was their detailed analysis of the previous episodes, a natural instinct, or maybe they’re just better at cheating and manipulating. In total, it’s 38 points for the Rebels and 48 for the Imperials. You can check out all the details about the results here. With 3 victories for the Empire and 5 for the Rebellion, balance in the galaxy is restoring. So now more than ever, you can make a difference. Learn more about SoNE, and even though the next episode won’t begin for a couple of weeks, there’s always time for a freebuild.

Expanding the Universe

xpanded Universe Contest, on Eurobricks


Merry May the Fourth, dear reader! I hope you’re having a happy day. Or are you still grieving the loss of the phenomenal Expanded Universe? Mourn no longer! Because if the battle pack contest just isn’t enough of a challenge for you, how about the Expanded Universe Contest? The object is to build a scene, a ship or a creature that was featured in one of the Expanded Universe books covering the events between episode VI and VII. Now is the time to transform your favorite scene out of a book into a beautiful creation. Now is the time to boldly build what no AFOL has built before! Now is the time to let your creativity run free and expand what we know of the Star Wars universe. There are no limits. As long as you build a scene/vehicle/creature from one of the accepted books, you’re free to make it as big and as detailed as you want. So make it something beautiful, something everyone would have wished to be a movie scene, and show the world how creative Star Wars fans can be. You have until July 4th to share your creation, so delve into your books and your bricks! And in order to avoid causing a disturbance in the Force, be sure to check out all of the rules. May the Fourth be with you.

To Battle!

Star Wars Battle Pack Contest, on Eurobricks


The LEGO Star Wars battlepacks are quite the sets. Some people like them a lot because of the excellent and cheap(ish) minifigures and buy dozens of them. Others despise them, because they can hardly be called sets and never seem to contain the right minifigures. No matter what, now is your chance to show the world how it’s done. Because until May 31st, The Star Wars Battle Pack Contest takes place in our Star Wars forum. Take or create four minifigures and try to make a decent set with just 100 bricks. You can take clones, stormtroopers, droids, Tusken Raiders… as long as they appeared in one of the six movies, and you can decorate them with custom stickers if you like. Digital entries are allowed as well, so there’s no reason not to participate. Especially because the first and second place will receive what is considered to be the best battlepack produced. Find out everything about the contest in Watto’s Junkyard!