[75098] Assault on Hoth – UCS?

75098 Assault on Hoth, on Eurobricks


In the last few years, there’s been considerable debate amongst AFOLs regarding ‘UCS’ and the specific sets that should be classified as such.  It’s an interesting question and I’ve seen a broad spectrum of opinions, but in my view they should have an instant ‘I want it, and I’m ignoring the cost’ sort of appeal!  The recent additions have continued to raise the bar in terms of quality; the X-Wing, Sandcrawler, Slave 1 and TIE Fighter are all excellent and received almost universal praise from the community.  That may be one of the reasons why 75098 has received such a negative reaction; perhaps we were just expecting too much?

In my view it’s a shame that LEGO decided to classify it as ‘UCS’ and I’d be interested to see the reasoning behind it.  In some respects it’s a nice set; and I’m sure that lots of younger fans will enjoy playing with it.  But, putting aside the unjustifiably high price-point, I think that’s where it has failed most.  UCS sets should strive towards being the best design that can be achieved with the humble brick, and not compromised by pointless ‘play features’ and painfully obvious inaccuracies.  I get the feeling that the set was designed by a committee trying to please everyone, but they’ve ended up missing the intended market completely.  I consider myself as being typical of the demographic that previous UCS sets have been intended for; dedicated OT fans, in their 30-40s, with more money than sense!  However, I just can’t bring myself to order it, even with my love of all things Episode V.

If you’ve got any thoughts about the set, head over to the dedicated thread in the Star Wars forum.

The rumors awaken…

Star Wars movie discussion, on Eurobricks

The Force Awakens. That will be the title to the Star Wars saga’s seventh episode. Since it has been revealed, there has been a lot of discussion about whether it’s a good title. Well, the quality of the movie is more important, but I still quite like the title. It suggests how the Force, that almost got lost, will be completely rediscovered and spread across the galaxy. A nice idea that still doesn’t give too much away about the real story. You can discuss it all in the Star Wars movie discussion topic. And if you’re really against the title… it can always change. Return of the Jedi originally was going to be Revenge of the Jedi, and The Phantom Menace could have been The Beginning (and during a moment of irony, even The Adventures of Jar-Jar Binks)…

Are Star Wars MOC builders becoming a dying breed?

^ WIP MOC by cavegod
With TLG’s having stepped up their game in the past couple of years with their latest renditions of iconic Star Wars vehicles and scenes, and with MOCs often requiring a lot of time and money, are we seeing less and less of Star Wars MOCs, at least on EB? Do you get the impression that TLG’s sets and other builders’ outstanding MOCs have made it impossible to build something new and exciting? Perhaps you’ve decided to try out building in another theme and haven’t had the resources to build Star Wars at the same time? Join the discussion on EB.

The Empire is building a Second Death Star…

Inspired by those who have bought the bricks to build the UCS Millennium Falcon at significant savings over the price on the secondary market, EB member Lobot is Bricklinking all the pieces needed to construct the UCS Death Star II. He’s got pictures of parts neatly laid out, pictures of the innards of the model, and a detailed post on how he got started. Follow his progress in the EB thread.

Chrome Ewok anyone?

It was just the other day upon watching “Return of the Jedi” where we were all gripped by the heart wrenching scenes involving the helpful yet mischievous  Ewok’s get blasted by AT-ST Imperial Walkers. Now, according to the latest rumor over in the Brickset forum in this topic, there is news that possibly on May 4th of this year,  on which TLG runs a promotion called “May the Fourth be with you” and there is usually a new exclusive  minifigure that gets distributed, that it just might happen to turn out to be a Chrome Ewok. Yes that is correct a Chrome Ewok, and not the suspected Darth Maul Polybag that was handed out at the 2012 NY Toy Fair. This has not been confirmed by LEGO but generally the promotion is expected to be shown in the May 2012 LEGO Store Calender, which has not been released yet.

ACCURATEin built this awesome AT-AT four years before the beginning of The LEGO Group’s Star Wars license. He asks, “If you also built something Star Wars related before the actual LEGO release of the official sets, post yours!”

Even with the relatively limited variety AFOLs had access to back then, there were still some impressive things being built in the 90s… if you haven’t seen this incredible project to render all of the Original Trilogy in LEGO, or Brian Tobin’s Brickshelf folder of old creations, they are absolutely worth a look.

What creations did you make in the days before the license? Follow the link in the image to join the discussion!

Knickknack in Old Set Identified as Canon

7141 Naboo Fighter is one of several sets for which there exist a broad enough spectrum of opinions that you’ll find a consensus view of love among some circles of AFOLs and abhorrence in others. A primary complaint of the latter was the fact that The LEGO Group appeared to enjoy throwing in small, non-canon things into sets – in this case, the wheeled tan object that comes with the N-1.

In the 13 years that this set has been around, no one knew what the tan thing was supposed to be until recently. After gaining access to a collection of screencaps from The Phantom Menace (found by none other than Yours Truly) Legoman273 discovered that this old curio did in fact make a brief appearance in the movie:

He believes it to be a “maintainance/refuling device” of some sort.

It won’t be long before someone writes a Wookieepedia article on this piece of equipment. In fact, I’ll bet they already have.

Geeky and Industrious Wins the Race

From the moment the first pictures made their way into the 2011 Rumors thread, 10221 Super Star Destroyer has been a controversial set, evoking such complaints as the inclusion of minifigures with a scaled interpretation (or the absence of some) and sparking discussion over the line between UCS and System, as well as extensive scrutiny into the design of the set itself.

In the midst of such scrutiny the question arose of just how inaccurate the set’s flat bottom was, leading to a slew of reference material consulted and some much-appreciated input from our devoted UCS fanatic and model aficionado Aeroeza. Some recent covering of old ground with a review of the set from new member Raytracer inspired him to have some “fun with angles”, the result being what you see above. Read Raytracer’s review and join the discussion here.