From My Point of View, the Official Minifigures are Evil!

Anakin Skywalker Episode III, by Erik Petnehazi, on Flickr


In my final year of high school, we all had to dress up as super heroes. It’s no surprise then that I kept to a loose interpretation of the theme and decided that a Jedi was close enough. So I hired a costume. The only one they had was Episode III Anakin though, but still that’s better than no Star Wars at all! I had a nice day in the end, and if it weren’t for that costume, I would have never appreciated Erik Petnehazi‘s custom Episode III Anakin as much, and that would have been a shame.

Of course there’s the detailing that’s spot on, but there are way less obvious aspects as well. Like how faithful the depiction of the different materials used in the costume is. That’s something you really notice if you’ve worn the physical costume. On the figure, it’s just the same shiny ABS everywhere, but a clever use of color and lines can go a long way to differentiate materials. The part of the costume that’s made of fabric has less colors in it and doesn’t have folds that are too dramatic. The leather part, on the other hand, has both reflections and shadows without being too crowded with lines, and some of the folds are in unusual directions just like the real stuff. And then there’s the really subtle stuff that adds depth to the figure. The belt sits slightly off center and at an angle, to showcase it’s really used. And look how Erik used that minuscule overhang of the torso part over the hip part to make it look like the belt really sits on top of the clothes. And then that face… There’s no method to this and a small change can have huge consequence, but Erik nailed it. I love the tortured expression that still works within the Lego aesthetic, totally conveying emotion. Even though his face never moves, you can’t accuse this minifig of stiff acting! The same goes for all of the other wonderfully designed, carefully rendered and fantastic custom parts sporting Chosen Ones you can find in Erik Petnehazi’s photostream!

You’ve got to hand it to him…

Galactic Master - PRESALE - Very Limited Edition, by Phoenix Custom Bricks, on Flickr


After watching The Force Awakens, and the stupid grin on my face eventually wearing off, and then watching it again several times more, I then started to look at the Lego sets in earnest. I wanted to see the film before committing to buying anything. I needed to like the characters before wanting to own them in two inch plastic form.

Thankfully I did… I cared about Rey and Finn. I even cared about Poe despite his freakish ability to destroy 10 TIE fighters and snipe several Stormies in less than 12 seconds of ridiculous piloting and marksmanship. Thankfully I was able to pick up each of these heroes, and villains, in the Winter and Summer waves of TFA sets.

One figure that remained absent however was that of our gnarled and world-weary Jedi-in-Chief Luke Skywalker… destined to evade us until the release of Episode 8 sets in a year’s time… until now.

Phoenix Customs has majored on the side of Super Hero custom figures and brought many excellent figures to the market but in the last six months or so they’ve also delivered two incredible Star Wars figures in the shape of Luke in Bespin Fatigues and Lando Calrissian in his Cloud City attire, both as limited edition figures. Now Phoenix are releasing this fantastic Sequel Trilogy edition figure of Luke complete with chromed hand.

The figure has custom dyed hairpiece in dark tan which differs from the grey piece of the same colour we’ve seen from the TFA game design. Luke’s robes are done simply but effectively with a nice mix of white and tan on the torso with dark tan legs complimenting the tan robe printing across the front.

Pre-sale of the figure has now passed but very limited numbers of the figure will be available from the Phoenix Customs website in the beginning of the new year.

Of Flesh and ABS

Ralph McQuarrie's Han Solo, by Concore, on Flickr


On this blog, we strive to show you the best creations from the LEGO Star Wars universe. And scrolling down, we hope you see loads of great MOCs. However, you might notice something’s missing. Looking at Concore‘s amazing work made me realize this. You see, we’ve featured so many MOCs, but we haven’t touched a lot on the subject of custom Star Wars minifigures. You might think there’s not so much creativity involved in that, as most characters have already been done and a single minifig can’t possibly be as much work as an entire creation. Or it could be your opinion that the results are often quite weak compared to the grandiose, detailed and realistic MOCs. But once you’ve seen Concore’s work, you know that can’t be true. We’ve featured some of his decals long ago, but recently he has started to create completely new, highly detailed and absolutely gorgeous minifigs, from Doctor Who over Tintin to our beloved franchise. Above, you can see his recent and possibly best creation. It is indeed a Star Wars figure, since it’s a representation of the original concept art Ralph McQuarrie did for Han Solo. It’s hard for us to think about what the famous smuggler could have been, except for what he is, but here we have plenty of fuel for our imagination. It’s an incredible figure, with personality through all of the details and the pose. It’s as expressive as a minifigure can get, and it doesn’t need an elaborate setting to tell a story. With this kind of incredible creations, Concore is filling up the gaps in the minifigure population we never know we missed. So go on a blind date on his Flickr, and meet all of those characters you never saw, but now can’t look away from.

Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms Echo and Fives, by (Dutch), on EBMember (Dutch) recently returned to being a more active member of EB, and one of his latest customs that he’s posted over in our Minifig Customization Workshop is these two clones: Echo and Fives from The Clone Wars. He says that Fives uses fifteen different waterslide decals in the helmet alone, and I have to say that they look printed (to this untrained eye), because the application is very clean.


Wave 6 of Arealight’s Custom helmets released.

Customizer extraordinaire Arealight has released Wave 6 of their custom helmets and jetpacks for all your custom LEGO Star Wars needs. Featuring several mandalorian helemts you can expand the ranks of your mandalorians nicely with these. Also useful for Mercenaries throughout the galaxy who are looking to upgrade their arsenal! There is also a few new clone trooper helmets mixed in there for good measure. You can purchase these at Arealight’s website. Then head over and discuss them in the Eurobricks Minifig Customization forum.

“Begun the Super Wars have”


Fellow Rebel Blogger & EB Member Oky has just presented us with a very interesting mix mash of the new minifigs from the LEGO Super Heroes theme combined with minifigs from the Star Wars Universe. My favorites are Thorbi-Wan Kenobi, Iron Threepio and Clark Superwalker. You can read more about them.

More Praiter Yed Star Wars Customs

Eurobricks Star Wars customizer Praiter Yed has an unusual knack of creating “unique” Star Wars custom minifigures based on never-before-released characters, only for TLG to release them shortly after (see Yavin-celebration Leia and Jek Porkins). Now he shares with us his recent one, a custom Wullf Yularen fig which was designed to “fill-up” the 10188 Death Star playset with one more minifig.

And in case you missed it, Praiter has also previously done a nice, simple, yet effective custom Aunt Beru fig:

Will we see these characters as official minifigs soon? Only time (and TLG) will tell. But for now, we have Praiter Yed to thank for for giving us a glimpse on how these minor but still significant characters will look in minifig form.

If you’d like to see more of Praiter’s custom minifigs, check out his dedicated thread over in the Minifig Customization Workshop.