The Rebel Bloggers Are Recruiting!



Is LEGO Star Wars something you’re truly passionate about? Can you keep staring at its MOCs and keep talking about them? Do you delve right into Wookieepedia whenever an unknown creation captures you? Are you up to date with all of the latest news? Are you active in the community? And are you enthusiastic to show the world what kind of fan you truly are? I’d keep reading if I were you.

You see, the blog you are reading at this very moment is looking for people like you! We’d like to be able to bring more and faster content to you with a fresh perspective. That’s why we’re accepting applications right now. All you have to do is to write two articles that could appear here and send them to us, and maybe you’ll become our new contributor. Make sure to read all the details in the announcement topic in the forum.

Don’t hesitate if you have what it takes! You’ll get to share your passion with the world, receive a fine, exclusive Rebel Blogger tag, learn useful skills and get to chill work with the rest of us on this blog we hope you enjoy reading as much as we do writing for it! We look forward to meeting you.

We have a Facebook and Twitter!

Hey blog readers! Have you been missing any of our blog posts? Are you suffering from FOMO, the fear of missing out? Do you want to be the first to know when a new article appears on the blog? Well, good news! Us oldtimers here on the EB Star Wars Forum Blog are finally getting with the times and started using the Bookfaces and Tweeters that the young kids are into these days! You can now follow us at @ebswforum on Twitter and like our Facebook page @ebswforum. That way you will never miss a blog post again! You can also share and retweet any articles you like and be social and stuff! You can find links to our Facebook and Twitter pages below:

Star Wars Rebels Season Two Mid-season Trailer

Already tired off all the talk about The Force Awakens? Well, here’s something fresh: a look-ahead at the second part of the second season of the Star Wars Rebels animated series. Just like in the first part, there are more than a few familiar faces to be spotted, but all of them in a very, very interesting context! It looks like the stories will evolve to a more dark and mature tone, maybe even with something that looks like the Mortis arc from The Clone Wars… Yes there’s plenty to think about and to be giddy about! So watch and rewatch the epic visuals until the next episode airs January 20th, and be sure to look out for our reviews!

[SoNE IX] Some were deceived less severely

Gathering Intel, by WickNole, on Eurobricks


In their struggle for “friendship” with the Black Sun Crime Syndicate, both Imperial and Rebel agents were deceived, merely pawns in a predetermined game. However, it seems the Black Sun had the right faction in mind when they determined to collaborate with the Imperials. In the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka‘s ninth episode, they proved they can beat the Rebels even if they’re outnumbered. The seven builders for the Empire attained a higher score on average than the eight opponents, winning their third episode in a row. The victory wasn’t complete, however, with WickNole excelling with his “Gathering Intel” pictured above, getting the highest score of all participants. His entry is impressive and detailed in both build, story and presentation making it a perfectly balanced and memorable entry. goatman461’s “Hollow Men” pictured below stupefies with its incredible ships, unprecedented editing and dark story, all of that in cooperation with other builders. He ended in second place, first among the Imperials. Both he and WickNole can expect some exclusive, custom designed minifig gear generously sponsored by RoyalBrickCustoms. The Empire now has its fourth victory in hand, and is seriously closing in on the five Rebel victories. And until now, every episode has seen a different builder winning. You see you can really make a huge difference in the galaxy. So pick a faction, introduce yourself and help either side out, because their next mission is coming soon, and it might be the most important one yet…


Hollow Men, by goatman461, on Eurobricks

The Universe just got Bigger

Our Expanded Universe Contest has finally come to a close. There were 4 entries in the diorama category, 5 entries in the spaceship category and 2 in the creature category. Maybe the quantity of the entries was a bit on the low side, but the quality was outstanding, making it incredibly hard to vote. In the end, Artizan did it again and won the diorama category with his lovely scene from the Dark Forces Trilogy, featuring impressive architecture, details galore and the perfect mood.

Rahn's Last Stand against the Dark Jedi, by Artizan, on Eurobricks


Naugem built the best spaceship. His I-7 Howlrunner is a beautiful, slick ship that combines what’s straight with what’s curved, creating something extremely fast and agile, yet with some power added by the nice greebles that are even prettier when looked at from up close.

I-7 Howlrunner, by naugem, on Eurobricks


Naugem also proved he’s a versatile builder by winning the creature category as well with his sweet Ysalamir, known for the ability to repel the Force. The model captures the sneaky look and gives us a nice texture to look at. These incredible builds all show there is still a wealth of amazing creations that have been left unbuilt. Time to change something about that! If you’d like some inspiration, it just so happens I know the perfect address to start: the overview of all the entries.

Ysalamir, by naugem, on Eurobricks

You decide who wins this battle

Star Wars Battle Pack Contest voting, on Eurobricks


The Battle Pack contest is coming to an end. 59 entries entered the arena, and became each other’s foes, more fearsome than any of those three beasts. I haven’t been able to blog as many of the stunning entries as I would have liked, so be sure to have a look at the 27 best of them. You can vote for your favorite two creations here, and who knows, they might win a nice battle pack of their own. So visit the thread and drool at all of the marvelous entries, and be disappointed that you can’t buy these in stores… But don’t let that stop you!

A Marvelous Contest

Star Wars vs Marvel contest, on Eurobricks


So you’ve built a battle pack, are finishing your Expanded Universe entry, and are wondering what in the name of the Force you’ll be doing with your life afterwards? Or maybe you’re waiting for something completely new to build and are full of originality? Or maybe you’re not only a huge Star Wars fan, but have action figures sprinkled on your LEGO shelves? Well, then we have a challenge for you. Alongside the Expanded Universe competition, there’s a Star Wars vs Marvel building competition running in the forum, joining Disney’s biggest acquired franchises. The premise is simple: somehow the Marvel and Star Wars universe have collided. What now? Will Thor and the Emperor cross lightning beams? Will troops of Hydra agents flood the Senate? Or will Chewie and the Hulk be best buddies? And will Darth Vader enjoy hands-free chess with Magneto? Two universes are yours to control! You have 64×64 studs at your disposition to let your mind run free. So builders, assemble! in the topic in Watto’s Junkyard. And don’t freak out when you see strange but beautiful builds here in the next month…

1 Million views!

Early EB Banner, by Rufus, on Eurobricks

The force is strong with this one!

I’m delighted to say that the Eurobricks blog has just reached a highly impressive 1,000,000 views!  Since it was started by KimT in 2011, our team of dedicated bloggers has managed to cover virtually all aspects of our favourite hobby, from the most impressive to the totally silly!  As well as highlighting MOCs of all scales, we’ve brought you details of the latest products, rumours, reviews of the Rebels & Clone Wars episodes, and even exclusive interviews with EB members.  For anyone who’s interested in stats, we’ve had visitors from more than 180 countries since the blog was launched, and our highest number of daily views was in July last year, when we reached over 2,800!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of my fellow bloggers who’ve made it such a success: BEAVeR, Brickdoctor, Clone O’Patra, Fallenangel, ISD Avenger, Jasbury, KielDaMan, KimT, Masked Builder, Oky, Piranha & Rook.  And, finally, I’d also thank all of our visitors for supporting our blog; your comments are always appreciated 🙂

As it’s a special occasion, I’ve taken the liberty of selecting a few of my favourites which we’ve published during the last 18 months, or so:

Creating Destruction   The Great Cave of Dathomir   A Hive of Scum & Villainy? 

Rebels Review – Path of the Jedi    A Hot Topic    Escape from Cloud City

Star Friends       EBSWF Blog Interview – markus1984    (Super) Star Destroyer 

“There’s a fleet of Star Destroyers coming out of hyperspace in Sector Four!”

Also, to commemorate this occasion, here is a special comic from Oky:
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Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

[SoNE VIII] Honest Rebels, Wicked Imperials ?

[SoNE Ep VIII] Shaping the Odds - results, on Eurobricks


The Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka’s podrace has come to an end. Many racers participated, helped or… discouraged by one or both factions. In the end, LucasLaughing’s excellent ‘The Suns will come out tommorow’ came in first, only a few studs ahead of goatman461 and WickNole. The Empire had one participant more, but the Rebels had a higher average score. What really made the difference though, was the betting competition. Out of the 105 combinations, the Rebels guessed 47 correctly. Not bad, until you compare it to the whopping 87 correct guesses of the Empire. Maybe it was their detailed analysis of the previous episodes, a natural instinct, or maybe they’re just better at cheating and manipulating. In total, it’s 38 points for the Rebels and 48 for the Imperials. You can check out all the details about the results here. With 3 victories for the Empire and 5 for the Rebellion, balance in the galaxy is restoring. So now more than ever, you can make a difference. Learn more about SoNE, and even though the next episode won’t begin for a couple of weeks, there’s always time for a freebuild.

Expanding the Universe

xpanded Universe Contest, on Eurobricks


Merry May the Fourth, dear reader! I hope you’re having a happy day. Or are you still grieving the loss of the phenomenal Expanded Universe? Mourn no longer! Because if the battle pack contest just isn’t enough of a challenge for you, how about the Expanded Universe Contest? The object is to build a scene, a ship or a creature that was featured in one of the Expanded Universe books covering the events between episode VI and VII. Now is the time to transform your favorite scene out of a book into a beautiful creation. Now is the time to boldly build what no AFOL has built before! Now is the time to let your creativity run free and expand what we know of the Star Wars universe. There are no limits. As long as you build a scene/vehicle/creature from one of the accepted books, you’re free to make it as big and as detailed as you want. So make it something beautiful, something everyone would have wished to be a movie scene, and show the world how creative Star Wars fans can be. You have until July 4th to share your creation, so delve into your books and your bricks! And in order to avoid causing a disturbance in the Force, be sure to check out all of the rules. May the Fourth be with you.