Got your head in the clouds

Kenner's Twin Pod Cloud Car, by Kasía S, on Flickr

I know I’ve mentioned this before but my love of Star Wars Lego comes directly from the nostalgia I feel for my Kenner Star Wars figures (Palitoy here in the UK at first), so I’m a sucker for anything related to that. Especially if it’s a good MOC, and I’ve found one that’s really caught my eye. Kasía over on Flickr has created this fantastic build of the Twin Pod Cloud Car.

The shape of this build is fantastic and the orange really pops. They’ve taken advantage of the wider range of Lego curved moulds and colours and brought something that really looks like it could have come from our favourite Danish toy company themselves.

Kenner's Twin Pod Cloud Car, by Kasía S, on Flickr

The shape of the Twin Pod Cloud Car isn’t an easy thing to replicate, but Kasía has done really well to achieve the shaping of the pods. The central propulsion unit between the pods also has some simple but really nice detailing and the use of stickers here really works well as simple weathering.

With the rumours of an imminent Cloud City Bespin release, fuelled partly by the Lego Designer Video, excitement has been building for a much neglected part of arguably the best installment of the Star Wars franchise. What better way to get us all further in the mood than feasting our eyes on this little beauty? Now if only Lego could help us out by giving us some Cloud Car Pilots…

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